A Passion For Precision



NuCare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NuCare), headquartered in Orange, California, is the fastest-growing provider of prepackaged pharmaceutical dispensing solutions. Fully licensed by the FDA and DEA, NuCare operates a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical repackaging facility and is one of the few companies is the nation that has the capacity to safely handle the packaging of antibiotic products. NuCare can also accommodate controlled substances: Schedule II, III, IV, and V, as well as injectables.



Unparalleled Customer Service & Support


NuCare's owes its rapid growth to its unparalleled customer service and support. NuCare's staff is equipped to work closely with virtually every type of medical professional and health care organizations, as well as health insurers and pharmacies.  NuCare is committed to creating and providing productivity-enhancing solutions that address your dispensing and tracking needs. We do this by providing assessments for each customer to design a custom formulary and dispensing solution, reducing pharmacy errors and costs, and therefore increasing patient compliance and improving outcomes.