State of the Art Packaging solutions

State of the Art Packaging solutions

NuCare offers an extensive array of pharmaceutical management products and services, which are all designed to promote compliance and increase patient safety.  These include custom contract packaging and private labeling, as well as customized dispensing systems, both manual and








EZ-PEEL Label System
NuCare's unique EZ-PEEL label system is the simplest to use in the industry. Our bar-coded labels speed dispensing while capturing pertinent information.


ER Pack
NuCare's “ER Pack” is the solution for automated dispensing machines in hospital emergency rooms.

"ER Packs” come in 24 to 72-hour prepackaged dosages.



Tamper Resistant SealsTamper-Resistant Seals


NuCare uses state-of-the-art induction sealing techniques to seal all prepackaged products. Every bottle has a child-resistant cap.






Automation-Friendly Bottle SizeAutomation-Friendly Bottle Size



The NuCare System provides an automation-friendly bottle size. Our bottle is designed to fit in all automated dispensing products or just stacked on the shelf for immediate manual dispense.






Color-Coded Labels For Accurate Dispensing


Color-Coded Labels For Accurate Dispensing


NuCare color codes all prepackaged and relabeled products. This helps ensure easy and accurate dispensing.