The NuCare system is tailored to the needs of independent and community pharmacies, as well as speciality pharmacies such as ER and nursing home facilities. It carries a full range of pharmaceutical products, packaged conveniently for the needs of customers and patients.


NuCare will help you design a formulary with low cost generics in your most popular drug categories, so you will always know your exact medication costs and you can educate the practitioners in your market to make more informed choices on what they prescribe to their patients.


Special Services
NuCare Pharmaceuticals provides 24-72 hour dispenser packs, which are particularly well-suited to emergency rooms. One common complaint among pharmacy administrators and pharmacy technicians is the length of time and effort required to manufacture 24-hour dispenser packs for the ER. NuCare Pharmaceuticals provides a safe, cost-efficient way to supply these ER Packs to the central pharmacy without requiring pharmacy employees to invest unproductive time and effort.


Long Tradition of Service
NuCare has worked with our pharmacy customers over many years to come up with an extensive product line. We are able to deliver the products you need, when you need them and in the formats suited to the pharmacy’s market.  Where applicable, this can include customizing the pharmacy (or emergency room pharmacy) formulary. Our easy-to-use formulary ordering sheet can be customized to your pharmacy, which saves additional time. NuCare is quickly growing its roster of pharmacy customers, including 150 hospitals with a 300+ item ER formulary.


NuCare provides a full range of generic medications, prepackaged pharmaceuticals, and specialty items such as injectables, bulk medications, instant drug tests and OTC products that are targeted to the audience you serve.

International Exports

International Exports


NuCare is experienced at coordinating the complex logistics required by international buyers, including sourcing, import regulations, pedigree documentation, and backend software applications.


NuCare purchases directly from manufacturers. This not only enables NuCare to pass the saving on to its international customers, but also provides for predictable deliveries and respected timelines.



Who we serve
NuCare’s team has worked in global sourcing for decades, with a well-hones supply network in every corner of the globe. The company’s sophisticated and flexible back office systems enable to servicing of all types of customers – large and small.  This includes:
  • Independent pharmacies
  • National distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Buying groups
  • Private hospitals and medical centers



Logistics and Regulations

NuCare is an international exporter of medications, including prescription medications, durable medical devices (DME), and over the counter (OTC) products. For any territory that need specific registration with its national or local health department or Ministry of Health, NuCare has the experience and staff resources to manage this process.


Whatever, Wherever… NuCare Delivers
The NuCare team has effectively managed exports to the Caribbean (east and west), and to many points beyond.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will put together a custom solution that takes care of all your buying criteria – financial, regulatory, logistic, service, and much, much more.

Point Of Care

Point Of Care


NuCare is able to deliver customized services at the point of care, including community clinics, nursing homes, urgent care facilities, military and government hospitals, and private practices



Solid Process

NuCare provides a turnkey system including cabinets and all organizational materials, as well as supporting software. Compliance and patient satisfaction will increase, and your staff can ensure compliance by starting the dose on site. NuCare's products are listed both with Red Book and First Databank. We provide the necessary tools to receive the reimbursements you are owed.


NuCare offers the Fastest and Easiest Dispensing system, which only takes only 15 seconds to dispense and record. NuCare offers bi-lingual labels, a Windows dispensing system with bar-code scanner and label printer. This includes inventory tracking, email ordering, management reports, DEA logs and dispensing reports.


The Formulary that Works

NuCare’s very low cost prepackaged prescriptions, common injectibles, antibiotics, and other products can be customized to suit practioners’ prescribing needs – often covering at least 70% of prescriptions.  NuCare will be happy to provide a customized spreadsheet to estimate your clinic volume and needs.


Tailored Services
NuCare has the expertise and back office systems to take care of the full range of point of care environments, and the particular needs of practitioners in each, including the ability to offer patients one-stop pharmacy services and greater compliance with therapeutic protocols.

  • Public Health and Community Clinics
  • Long-term Care Facilities, including Nursing Homes
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Military and Government Services
  • Physician Medical Practices
  • Urgent and Occupational Care


Call today for a no cost, no obligation quote. Nobody will provide you with more opportunities than NuCare. Tell NuCare what you need to succeed, it will be delivered!

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